eco-cushion1optimized_1When investing in a felt rug pad no one wants to make the mistake of getting something atrociously expensive without knowing its worth. Therefore it is absolutely imperative that when going to buy a felt rug pad they familiarize themselves with its top notch features so no salesman can fool them and they understand their product’s value and quality. Hence when getting a pad make sure the material you are purchasing promises the following features to you, so you know that what you will be using at home is the finest of the felt rug pads and your money spent was worth it.

They should provide comfort to your home, if they seem to only be offering support to your rug then they are perhaps not worth the investment. They should be comfortable for you to sit and walk on because this implies their constitution to be of the right things and not a hard material that may damage your floor even more. Hence they should be thick, dense and constituted of intricate fiber. superior_hardwood_runners_1

They should offer protection to your floor; this means that they would be free of any material most likely to damage your floor. They should be thick enough to ensure no liquid penetrates down to your floor and completely ruins it. They should not only cushion your rug but should laminate the floor forming a protective layer on it. They should also be offering protection to your rug, as some cling to the rug and make its thread count loose and dismantled. A good felt rug pads does not do that, rather it supports the rug in the best possible way.

A felt rug pad must be dense enough to promise noise reduction. If a pad installed in your house seems to be having no effect on the noise creaking from your floors then it was a hasty investment and needs to be gotten rid of. The feature of a good felt rug pad is that its constitution implies noise reduction even if it is not your first priority. It also hides and conceals the unevenness of the floor, if it is too thin then it will not hide the unevenness of the floor, rather it will make your rug uneven. Thus it is important the density of the pad be checked thoroughly and its thickness prioritized.

It should be cost effective and free of adhesive materials; it should promote an environmentally friendly atmosphere in your homes and offices. Therefore when leaving the house to get a felt rug pad, one comes across several options but it is essential that the pad with the best features be opted for above all. It possesses every feature mentioned above and thus helps you prolong the lifespan of your rugs and your hardwood floors.