prod_5020719027Felt rug pads are often needed for comfort but several people forget about the additional help this provides; protection and security of the floor. Often when people get rug pads it results in their new floors looking like mush and rotten just a few weeks if not months after being assisted with rug pads. Often when the rug is shifted from one place to another on a wooden floor is when the damage done to the floor is made visible. The floor either looks faded, chipped and stained; however this can be avoided with the use of felt rug pads because their main intention is to protect your floors just as they value your comfort.

Protection of the floor

A normal rug pad is most likely to be composed of a certain synthetic plastic material that reacts with the hardwood floors and results in the anticipated damage. If something like this appears to be happening to your floors then you need to be aware that the pad being used is of a fairly low quality and has to immediately be replaced with a felt rug pad. It is one thing to just buy a pad and place it on the floor expecting it to fit and stay without moving and looking like it has been there for far too long, but another to expect it to protect the floor. A felt rug pad not only makes sure that the rug looks in place with the rest of the room but also ensures that it is damage free.

It does not allow the rug to slip by providing the grip it needs between the rug and the floor, most importantly this grip does absolutely no harm to the floor. Its composition does not include the reactive plastic other rug pads do. They can hold together a foot rug or even something a lot larger. It provides the grip the rug needs without fear of letting the hardwood floors go rustic and worn out.


When buying rug pads, customers are also often advised to opt for something thicker than the normal one; this is the felt rug pad. It not only makes the life of the rug longer with the maintenance of the color of the rug but also reduces the chances of you slipping over it. Along with prolonging and maintaining, it works as a helper to the floor as well by protecting it from the adhesives. It does not allow the floor to get stained or impacted if the rug does, it does not grip the floor in such a manner that cleaning it becomes a hassle. The floors are protected; the rug is protected with the added benefit of comfort and ease that comes with the felt rug pads.