Nothing is more important to you than the safety of your family. With many types of rugs out there, you are probably undecided of the type of rug you’d like to choose. Knowing the aesthetics that every rug has is a priority. Choosing the right rug for your home isn’t that easy.


You may need to identify the material, texture, color and design of the rug that blends well with your room’s floors and walls. Below is a guideline that will help you choose the best rug for your home.

Rug Material

Because you are going green, you probably those rugs such as nylon made from synthetic materials. While other natural materials such as silk, cotton, jute and viscose may be used, most people would go for wool rugs because they are highly durable, their maintenance is easy, they are elegant in texture and most importantly they are crush resistant.


Silk is actually may be expensive but its luster is incredible. Cotton is a foundation for most of the rugs while viscose is often used as a prime substitute of silk. Sisal, coir and jute may also serve the purpose but they easily get stained and they are hard to clean. Otherwise, you may go for manmade fibers such as polypropylene and nylon.


What is the color of your floor and walls? The color of the rug you go for must be in line with the color of the room’s walls and floor. Color coordination in your room creates a classy appeal that every homeowner seeks. You can choose a rug that features several patterns with numerous distinct colors.


This allows you to plan your room décor scenario around the rug’s patterns. For those people who would like the rugs to conform to the general aesthetics of your room, then going for rugs with low key tones that can easily blend with your room’s appearance is vital. For example, a textured rug which is darker or lighter than the wall, it serves a very good role if you’d like to provide a backdrop for your furnishings to help create a subtle color movement in the background.


The design of the rug you are going to choose matters a lot. People normally choose rugs which accounts for their self-expression, taste and preference. Whether modern or traditional, rug styles create a visual impression of your room. If you own a modern home, then the geometric rug patterns will suit your situation while floral patterns suits a traditional home setting.


If you decide to mix various patterns, ensure that their colors synchronize well. Patterned rugs not only help in adding décor in your room but they are also good hide outs for unsightly stains.



The craftsmanship of a rug determines its quality. Rugs can be machine-woven, hand-woven, tufted or hand tufted. To know the best rug, you may have to consider the general make of the rug, precision in design and the type of fiber used.

Why Should You Use Organic Rug Cleaning Methods?

Are you seeking for safe and “green” methods of cleaning your carpet, walls and even floors? The first step in any cleaning process is to choose proper ways on how to clean your rug. Secondly, you should equip yourself with every tool required to organically clean your home thoroughly and this depends on the type of the rug. Great organic cleaning methods helps in getting rid of discomfort brought debris that collects in rugs (especially to those people in your family who are sensitive to allergens).


Today, most people are environmentally conscious and they prefer using organic rug cleaning options rather than using chemicals which are allergenic and unfriendly to our environment. Using organic and eco-friendly techniques to dust every rug area in your house not only makes you and your family safe from allergens but it also helps in creating a clean environment to relax and live in. Most by-products of the materials resulting from organic rug cleaning are biodegradable and purely organic. When cleaning your rug, please consider using eco-friendly techniques.