For those of us who appreciate a boost of color in our living room, a dark green couch seems like the perfect touch. Not too potent of a color, these couches are tasteful yet refreshing to the eye. But placed alone, it runs the risk of looking too intense, regardless of the color scheme of the rest of the room.

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Thankfully an area rug can harmonize the space in a very subtle and natural way, so the following are some tips to orient your decision on which one to select:

1. Think and Consider

It’s tempting to simply pick a rug that catches your eye, but look further into the couch and room itself before even looking at area rugs. Consider the undertones of your green couch, and what primary colors is it harmonizing with best. Look at its details — does it have some yellows or blues mixed into the fabric?

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What color are its legs? By taking these details into consideration, you will be able to see what color will be your key color and harmonize the space by repeatedly using it as an accent. Be wise about the position of the couch as well, as the area rug will add a new dimension to your room design.

2. Size

You must be practical and realistic! Though a large, light-colored rug draws attention to that space and helps to make the room look larger, it must work well with the shape and proportions of the couch itself. If your couch is L-shaped, having a dark rectangular area rug that extends a little past the piece will evoke a sense of coziness, making the space more approachable for conversations.

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Half-circle rugs will keep the space looking preened and modest, and multiple small circle rugs around the couch will add a comic effect.

3. Sticking to One Color

If you prefer more approachable color plans, look into classic colors such as white, creme, grey and black for your area rug. Remember that monochromatic-based plans will work well if you don’t overwhelm the room with minute decor and different tones or hues.

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If you like the stability of a single color but prefer some fun, consider a simple area rug in a single color. Consider the lighting and color of your walls — if they are dim, a light colored rug will add brightness, and a dark colored rug will naturally have the opposite effect.

4. Analogous Colors

Analogous colors are simply colors that stand next to each other on the color wheel. They usually include a primary color, unless the dominant color (the color of your couch) is the primary one. In the case of a dark green couch, its analogous colors include blue-green, yellow-green, yellow, and green. By working with these colors, your room will appear more well-matched and attractive, as well as easy on the eyes. Here, you can use details to unify your furniture — if your couch has some yellows mixed into it, using the same hue in your area rug will add just the right amount of color.

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5. Complementary Colors

Feeling bold? Complementary colors are the opposites of each other, which means they are found directly across from each other on the color wheel. In the case of dark green, a rich burgundy color will be its match. Red and greens can get a little too Christmas-y though, so limiting yourself to the bordering of the rug is the safest choice. Using the complementary color in a patterned rug can also work, but make sure the tones of the green and red are matching.

6. Neutral Colors

If you feel that your dark green couch should be the center piece, go with soft, neutral colors for your area rug, as they won’t interfere with it. Creme, beige, tan, muted grays…the choice is yours, and you can mix multiple neutral colors together to create an accent.

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Play with textures and details to add sophistication. Using neutral colors in your cushions, blankets and even lampshades will work nicely.

7. Pattern

A final way to harmonize your living space is to use patterns in your area rug in congruence with things such as the curtains, cushions, chairs and walls. Organic, swirly patterns work well with monochromatic schemes, and checkered rugs add tasteful flair. Patterns are a fantastic way of upgrading a simple area rug or a plain green couch, so don’t be afraid to have some fun!