Get a Quality Pad For Your Rug

Have you decorated your house lately- perhaps you bought a new rug for your floor? Area rugs are good for the home but a lot of homeowners tend to forget a rug pad when shopping for new rugs.


A good rug needs a rug pad to enhance efficiency so the next time you’re out shopping for housewares you should probably check out what types of rug pads they sell at your nearest store. There are good reasons for buying one, and we’re going to look at these reasons, and find out what happens to your rug if it’s not accompanied by a rug pad.


Area rugs come in different shapes and sizes, and the most popular types are rectangular, though other shapes are common too, such as circles, ovals and octagons. Regular sizes range from 2-by-3ft and 8-by-10ft. Rug pads vary in size and shape too, and they are used to protect both the floor and the rug from gradual damage that slowly eats into both.

So why does your rug need a rug pad?

Safety reasons

An area rug will shift when walked on, and a rug pad is specially designed to prevent this by providing traction so that the rug sticks to the floor. Without a rug pad to halt this movement, the rug can shift far enough to cause an accident. This happens quite often on hard, slick floors such as hardwood or tiles; and more commonly in the kitchen area or in the bathroom.


Increase the rug and floor’s lifespan

Without a rug pad, your floor could be going through gradual corrosion caused by friction. It’s a bad idea to pile up on wall-to-wall carpeting because it damages the floor- and if you consider abrasions, then it’s only a matter of time before you have to repair the floor. Dyes are a particular menace when they leak from rugs and seep into the floor but with a rug pad in place, leaking shouldn’t be a concern.

area rug3

Rugs need to be protected too, and if you have a genuine Persian then you should purchase a pad for it, to avoid having to replace it soon. Rugs tend to wear from the bottom up because of the shifting and friction against the floor. This damage could be minimized by placing a pad between the floor and the rug.

Keep clean

Rugs with ridges or bumps trap small dust particles underneath, and these particles could damage and soil the floor but rug pads trap the dirt and keep the floor clean. In addition, they prevent spills from soaking through to the floor. If you have a good rug pad it will trap the liquid so that it doesn’t reach the floor, and it also makes vacuuming easier because rug pads enhance air flow (rugs are slightly raised off the surface.)

area rug2

Enhance comfort

A rug pad absorbs noise when you walk on the rug, and it also helps keep the rug clean and in place, which is great for comfort. It could get irritating if you have an area rug that shifts out of place every time someone walks over it- and the rug could lose some of its appeal.


Get yourself a good pad to go with your rug; it will help keep your floor smooth and clean, and your rug will be more durable.