Hardwood and hard floor surfaces are often very sensitive and can get easily damaged through staining and marring. You cannot be too careful with such delicate floors as they are expensive and it is very inconvenient to renovate and repair them on a regular basis. What your floor needs is a strong source of protection and cushioning in the form of rug pads.
While regular rug pads offer support to both carpets and floors, Durahold rug pads are becoming quite popular among homeowners owing to the range of benefits they give to homes. Not only do they safeguard your floors and carpets, they are also long lasting, heavy duty and eco-friendly.
A Functional Non Slip Rug Pad
Durahold rug pads are the best non slip variety you will find on the market. These rug pads keep your carpets and rugs steadily in place and prevent them from sliding about the room. This will keep carpet strands and fibres from unraveling as time passes. It also prevents the carpet from wearing against the floor, which can damage sensitive hard floor surfaces.
Made from natural rubber and felt, Durahold is the best kind of rug pad to keep your carpet in one position. Felt locks large area rugs into position, while natural rubber is ideal for gripping smaller rugs and carpets.
In addition, this rug pad does not contain any adhesives or factory additives that will stick to or stain the hard floor.
Added Source Of Safety
Durahold rug pads enhance the safety of your home. They are fully environmentally friendly and contribute LEED, passing through stringent green home standards. Additionally, these rug pads are mould, moth and mildew resistant and do not cause any allergic reactions, making them a safe addition for layering your children’s bedrooms.
Durahold rug pads are made from natural raw materials, and are not treated with any chemicals or synthetics which may disfigure or stain your hard floor. Being thick and compact, they make for a smooth, soft and comfortable surface to walk on. Rough walk or tripping may deface hardwood floor. By preventing this, Durahold rug pads not only ensure your floor’s safety, but that of your family as well.
Effective For All Floor Types
Another benefit of the Durahold rug pad is that it works well with all floor surfaces. It is 0.25 inches thick and works compatibly with tile, concrete, laminate, vinyl, heated, wood and hardwood floors.
It does not inflict any damage on hard floor surfaces, which can get easily impaired without extra protection. In fact, Durahold rug pads provide added layers which keep the floor from sustaining damage from agents like liquid spills or carpet wearing.

What you need as a homeowner is a rug pad that will give the optimum level of support and protection to your hardwood and hard floor surface. For this, you can look to Durahold rug pads that are high quality rug pads which ensure guaranteed cushioning and safety. They come highly acclaimed by several home experts as the best rug pads to use in your home.